Monday, December 31, 2007

Ringing in the new year (or not)

Two days in a row, hey I might be serious about this whole posting thing. I did work out today, ate well, and I am headed to bed shortly. I have never been much for New Year's Eve parties, I don't really drink much at all, maybe a glass of wine every two months or so and I hate driving on nights like tonight. I can't imagine something less fun to do than to be out on the roads with a bunch of potentially drunk drivers. So normally, I spend New Year's Eve very quietly at home, and tomorrow I will probably be up early to work out and avoid the crowds in the workout room at my apartment complex. So, if you are out on the roads, be safe and I will see you in the new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My List

New Year's eve is typically the time of resolutions and lists, of looking at the previous year and taking stock. Lets be honest people, 2007 was pretty craptastic for me, oh there were good bits, but lordy was there a lot of crap. Hence the reason I only posted six times over the course of the entire year. Yep, six posts total, go me. So what did I accomplish? Well, I got a new job after a year long search, moved, and began paying down a massive debt load accumulated while unemployed and in law school. Weight loss, well not so much, healthy eating, well not so much. I'm working on that (I swear) okay I had cereal for dinner but I am still working on it. So this year, I am making a list, of what I want to accomplish in 2008 which hopefully will be less craptastic. It is a short list but then there are only two really major goals I have at this point. 1. Get healthy, really healthy. I work out but I don't work out as much as I should, and I need to work on my eating habits. The fridge is stocked with healthy food, and the parental units have offered to pay for a personal trainer so I am going to be finding one of those as well. Note, I am not resolving to lose weight this year, it makes me crazy, and I am beyond the point where that makes sense. I am just resolving to not eat crap anymore. No sugar, minimal carbs, just simple good food. Food that does not make me crash at noon or stay up until 2 am. I am also working on my stress eating, I have a high stress job (some days) and that means I reach for sugar and that must stop for good. 2. Pay off all my credit card debit, I'm halfway there, I should have that paid off by my 31st birthday in July. I'm not resolving to pay off all my student loan debt this year, because that is not possible. My goal is to pay off my student loan debt by the time I am 35 years old. 3. Write here once a week, I do better when I am accountable and this blog is a good way to be accountable for all of my goals. I am not sure I will manange more than once a week but that is a start. So, tomorrow (which is a work holiday) I will get up and work out, and look forward to the new year. It is a clean start and I am ready for a new begining. So, I'll be seeing you in 2008 (I promise).