Monday, January 31, 2005

The scary bug dance

Last night I had some friends over for dinner (by the way, you know you have good friends when they show up for dinner at an apartment with no furniture, poor lighting and a hard tile floor that they have to sit on for two hours). Anyway, it was rather warm and I opened up the door to my porch, and at some point a large bug made his way inside. I discovered this as I was cleaning up at which point I screamed like a girl and did the little dance around the apartment which can only be referred to as the scary bug dance. You know, the one where you lift up your feet, wave your arms around and hop up and down in the hopes that it will somehow make the ooky bug magically disappear into thin air. Needless to say, it never works and then you have to kill the bug anyway which is the problem with living alone, no one else is around to help. Anyway, I managed to kill the bug and was left wondering an odd question, do men do the scary bug dance? Alternatively, what does it sound like to scream like a boy? I am not sure but there we are, dancing around apartments killing bugs. By the way, I fit in a short walk today and tonight I am going to aikido so I am actually managing to get workouts in which is nice. I am working on the healthy food thing as well, I think tonight I am going to have a big salad and maybe the same thing tomorrow since I have tons of lettuce, onion and roasted red pepper left over from last night.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Coffee in the morning

It has been awhile I know, I find it hard to update while I am at work and I do not have internet at home right now. Anyway, I am really organized this morning, probably because I had coffee and that tends make me bounce off walls and get a lot done. This is probably a sign that my body does not tolerate caffeine very well and that I should not drink very many items which include it. I learned this lesson a long time ago so I rarely have anything which is not decaffinated. However, I slept really badly yesterday and today is going to be a long day so it is sort of a necessity (waking up at one am and falling back to sleep at 3 plus being in court for over five hours straight is not going to be a good combination). Fortunately, it is almost the weekend, I get to sleep in tomorrow although I am getting up early on Sunday to dive. It is my last day of training for diver certification since I have passed the written test (98%, highest grade in my class which only proves I am a nerd) and done the first few dives. The weekend will probably be crazy with activities, and trying to find everything from furniture to hunting for cars. I am still stable in terms of weight and slowly inching down the more I control my own food and the less that I eat out. So, life is good, just busy which reminds me that I have to go to court now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I think that perhaps when you are really overweight you end up conditioning yourself to certain things in life, to certain ways of interacting socially among other things. I know, I am being rather oblique and circumspect in my wording. Anyway, I will just say that I have been used to being alone, just me, and I am adjusting to not being alone and it is interesting. You could call it another door opened by my weight loss and life changes over the last year. Things happen for a reason, and in a particular order sometimes and I am just struck with surprise by this particular life change. Anyways, to be slight less confusing, he's a nice boy mom and you would like him. Great now moving on to weight loss, I am still slowly losing weight since I moved and get to pick my own food out. Last night I went to aikido and sweated a lot, more than usual because the room was really hot. Tonight, I have to do laundry and clean up my apartment a bit, oh and some of my friends may be dropping off furniture and other items for me. After that it will probably be an early night because I am going out tomorrow night with a bunch of my girlfriends for drinks and dinner.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Blame it on the internet

I have been without internet for a couple of days at work, most of yesterday and today and I have no internet at home, hence the late post. Anyway, tonight I am headed off to aikido to work out for an hour and a half which will be good for me. Last night I begged out of going to dinner because money is tight since I moved and I did not want to go all the way to the restaurant everyone had chosen. Moving has definately been good for me in terms of weight loss, I have seen a distinct downward trend which was probably increased by the fact I have not been eating out as much over the past few days. I should note that by downward trend I mean that I suddenly lost four pounds which was rather disturbing but I think is a result of the fact that my eating is begining to be more normal than it has been in awhile. I would like to finally get back and track and start making real progress so hopefully I will manage that soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

So, I am basically moved into my new place now, although currently that means I have my clothing, some towels and an air mattress in the apartment. I have to go food shopping at lunch since I have no food really in the apartment and I need cereal for breakfast. Besides, I may actually want to eat dinner in my apartment at some point and that would require food (although not tonight because I am going out to dinner). Anyway, as to the weekend, the run on saturday was pretty disappointing, very short and mostly pavement but at least yesterday we got in a pretty good frisbee game. Then after sushi I went home and slipped on something and banged my head and side. So, now I have a nasty bruise on my thigh, one on my rear and a banged head. Oh, and I also ran into one of the walls in my apartment because the light is not working in the living room. So, basically I managed to injure myself in a completely empty apartment but not at all while running around in a jungle populated with tin cans and various other types of rubbish, not to mention vines which constantly trip you up. Anyway, back to work I go, especially since I have to be in court soon.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Somedays I know I am related to my mother

I am not perhaps the most organized person in the world, nor the most obsessive about it and I am certainly not nearly as organized as my mother. She has lists with things that she needs to do in them and calenders and everything. I know it's crazy right. Anyway, whenever I have a really organized day it is generally a sign that I am behaving exactly like my mother. Today, is one of those days. I think I have sent out 10 plea offers, cleaned my desk, interviewed a witness, and figured out my weekend schedule, all of that accomplished from 11 am until now. Tomorrow I am moving so I will have no internet (well that and I have not connected internet to my apartment) and I expect to spend the weekend cleaning and organizing (possibly interspersed with a tropical storm which is headed in our direction. Tonight, I will need to finish packing up my stuff, I packed a lot of my clothing yesterday and get prepared to move. Tomorrow I will be running around the jungle after I move so hopefully everything will get accomplished quickly and efficiently. Anyway, I have to run (one of the side effects of being like my mother is having no free time).

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Again I am just rambling

So, I am officially moving this weekend (pending a walk through of my new apartment with the power actually on rather than disconnected). I expect that I will move on Saturday morning and take the weekend to settle into the space while I do necessary things like cleaning the stove and the rest of the apartment. My power and phone will be connected by Friday (it pays to have a very organized real estate agent) and that will leave me with moving in all of my stuff. One of my friends who has a truck is going to help move all my stuff from my current apartment to my new apartment which should only really end up being one trip. I think I will be going with minimal furniture for a little while until I figure out what I actually want to put into the space. In other news, the diet did not go so swimmingly yesterday, but today is a new day and I am back on track (not to mention that moving is going to really help with the diet since I will be eating out less than I have been since moving in with my roommates).

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What I should be doing

I should be doing actual work right now, but clearly I am not doing anything of the sort. For the record, I have written up two plea offers this morning, scheduled three grands for tomorrow morning and I am about to move on to a stack of 10 cases which all need plea offers. Oh, and I have a sneaking sensation that I am forgetting a number of things that I need to be doing today, and I have to spend all afternoon in court. I am pretty tired this week, of course that could be just left over from the fact that I had a really hard workout yesterday in aikido. I am now decently good at not actually hitting people with a wooden stick and still not at all good at anything else. Anyway, I have to get back to work, maybe I will have some free time to post later on today but I will have to see how the rest of my morning pans out.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Rambling yet again

So, I am meeting my real estate agent in thirty minutes to hopefully sort out apartment stuff. I think we are going to do a final walk through of the place with the power on to see what is working and what is not working. Oh, and we are going out to lunch as well which should be fun. I am pretty tired, just a ton of work to get done this morning and the afternoon does not look any better at this point. This week is already shaping up to be incredibly busy, aikido tonight and then dinner at a friend's house, all of the hash women are getting together tomorrow night, thursday night we are going out and by Friday I will probably just want to colapse. If I am really lucky, for extra special fun I may be moving this weekend if I get the apartment and that will just add to the lack of free time. I was going to go to the gym at noon today but now I have to meet my real estate agent so aikido is going to have to suffice as my exercise today. Fortunately it is usually a pretty good workout. I will probably be exhausted by the time I get there but I always have fun which is a good thing.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Resting from the weekend

How was your weekend? Mine was rather exhausting (now there is a shocker) both with physical exercise and going out. Let me see if I can reccap, friday night we ended up just colapsing and not going out anywhere because of exhaustion from the night before and a long day spent in court. Saturday, we had brunch with some friends, went and ran errands and then ran the hash. The hash was an urban run and I would estimate about five miles long with lots of running and some climbing near the end. Then we went to the hash party afterwards until I insisted on going home due to a pounding headache from running so much. I figure that we made it home at about 1 a.m. Sunday, we went over to a friend's house to watch the playoffs and managed to see San Diego snatch defeat from the impending jaws of victory. Oh, and my roommate and I went and looked at apartments for me, I found a two bedroom that I want to rent so cross your fingers and toes that it works out for me. Then, we went and played ultimate frisbee for two hours and then on to sushi. At this point, I need a nap to recover from my weekend. Today, we are going to watch more football at our friend's house, I believe that the Green Bay Packers are playing somebody or other but I am really not sure who, nor do I really care (let me just say that the football team I root for has long since been eliminated from any hope of a playoff spot). So, that is my weekend in a nutshell and now I am off to do work.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Finding balance

So, we went out last night both to happy hour/ dinner at one club and then on to another bar. I was out until about midnight which let to sleeping in until 7 am this morning and not having time to run. Maybe I will get the chance tonight, then again we may be having either game night or girls night out depending on people's moods. However, the bar hopping last night was done because one of my friend's is opening a bar near the beach (a non-smoking bar no less, very exciting) and we wanted to show up and check it out. The grand opening probably will not be for another month so we will probably end up helping to paint and clean to get it into shape. I swear, having an overactive social life makes it hard to fit in exercise on the level that I would like to fit it in at this point. However, I would not trade the friends for the exercise, I am just working on balancing everything as best I can manage right now. Fortunately, I have the weekend coming up where there will be lots of working out and also a chance to sleep in and recover from all of my late night outings. Right now, I need to go get ready to attend court this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Finally getting off my rear

This morning at about 6:40 am, I finally put my proverbial money where my mouth has been. In other words, I got out of bed and since I was already dressed in workout clothes, I put on my shoes grabbed some keys and went running. I hate running but I have been really slacking on working out so it had to be done. I ran from my apartment complex down to the beach and ran up and down the beach for a few minutes. I estimate that it ended up being only a 20-25 minute run but at least it is a start in the right direction. My plan is to do the same thing tomorrow morning at about the same time and slowly begin working up the length of time that I am running again until it is more like an hour instead of 25 minutes. However, I am not complaining since 25 minutes of running is more exercise than I usually manage on a thursday morning before I head out to work. I should also note that last night I ate only about four pieces of sushi since I ended up not being very hungry. So, I am finally begining to get back on track with exercise and working out which was my goal for this week. This weekend I am apartment hunting, I have a bunch of prospects lined up to look at which seem promising and I am hoping to move in the next week or so if possible.

Life reorganized or the dangers of sushi

Ahh, bloggity goodness (as in, yes I know I am posting a lot today). Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, when last we left our heroine (hey it is my blog, I can be the heroine if I want) she was nattering on about the great apartment hunt. Well, I was reminded again tonight of the reason for the great apartment hunt (which basically boils down to wanting to do my own decorating and cooking). My roommates have decided we should go out for sushi tonight and since I have no food in the house currently (long story) and didn't eat much lunch I am going along. Now, hopefully this will not devolve into a repeat of last night where we went to a friend's house and ate rather a lot of pizza (in a worrying development we are meeting up with friends tonight so bad food things could happen although I am going to try to prevent them). Anyway, I really need to be cooking my own meals and in a better position to sometimes turn down these invitations for ridiculous amounts of meals eaten out as opposed to made at home. So, this is part of the new urgency of the great apartment hunt to help me control my environment better. Also, I would like to be closer to a gym than I am right now. Also, my shoes probably need there own closet given that they are ever multiplying now that I have money to buy them. I am planning on being good tonight in terms of food, I will let you know how it all works out.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

As part of organizing my life in the new year, I am trying to get my financial and personal life organized as well. First and foremost was paying off my whopping credit card bill. Now, the great apartment hunt is in full swing with the help of a friend who is a real estate agent. I have one potential place on the horizon which is requiring me to rework some of my finances but I am okay with that necessity. Besides I have friends who are willing to give away free furniture which helps with costs significantly. As my father pointed out sagely a while back, the quality of one's life is an important factor to consider. Right now my father is no doubt falling over in shock at my use of the word sage in connection to his advice, but he will recover shortly. So, I am hoping to get the apartment search resolved within the next couple of weeks and then move on to organizing everything else in my life. In case you were wondering, after an apartment, I will need a car but that is something I will be able to hold off on if the place I am interested in pans out. So, that is what I have managed to do today, along with a fair amount of work and the updating of the information in my checkbook which I now need to balance. Hopefully, I will still get some exercise in tonight and also over the next couple of days (really I know this is a weight loss blog still even if I keep writing about other things). So, I am off now to get organized on some other things at work.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Finding the track

So, I am relatively back on track now which is a nice place to be once again. Of course, yesterday I only ate breakfast and dinner (which was chinese food, so basically chicken and rice) which was not my intention but I have time today to sneak out and get lunch early and then I am going to have to work through lunch. However, tonight is aikido which is always a good workout even if I am still really bruised from this weekend's jungle run. Tomorrow, I have a lunch meeting (are we sensing a theme yet) but I am probably going to either get up early and go running, or alternatively go for a run after I am finished with work. I am probably going to start counting calories again which I have not done formally forever but it is a good benchmark for me about where I am and what progress I am making on weight loss. I would like to reach my goal weight in the next six months which I am pretty sure is a good length of time and I am setting my ultimate goal date as my birthday which is in July. So, there you are, I would like to be at my goal weight by the time I am 28 years old. Now I should really get on with the plan.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A little help and a small plea

I will say initially that I did not make it to the gym because I had to work through lunch. In a feat of spectacular planning I forgot lunch and now will not have time to go out and get anything until after I go to court at 2 p.m. However, all of this is really irrelevant to what I meant to write about here. I have been putting off writing about this topic but I thought I should mention it, and that is the devastation of the recent tsunami throught the part of the world that I live in right now. I should say that the island I live on was not in anyway touched by the tsunami but we are very aware of the damage nonethless. Every year I have friends here who travel to Indonesia, Thailand, India and beyond. What I know for sure is this, sad but true we would have been forewarned if the tsunami had been headed our way and that would probably have made a difference. However, I also know this, it doesn't matter now what could have been done to prevent this tragedy but what we can do to help the people who have survived to rebuild and repair the devastation. Later, there will be time to repair and create early warning systems and hopefully prevent a tragedy of this scale from happening again, right now aid is more important. I will be donating money, as will my friends. I am certain we will not be alone in that regard. My small part, you will find links shortly to a few organizations that I know are helping assist the injured and bury the dead in the links section of this blog. It isn't enough, but for right now it is the best that I know how to do for this part of the world that I am so very fond of already.

So, it is going to be that kind of day

I feel like shite today, to use a not very nice word. I did not really drink that much yesterday (although I ate too much) but I have absolutely the worst cramps and did not get very much sleep as a result. Note to self, when you have already taken four tylenol by 7:00 am, it is undoubtably going to be a very long day. Add that on top of my ankle hurting and a new case that just appeared that nothing has been done on and Monday morning is shaping up to be a doozy of a day. I am however still planning on heading to the gym and right now I am working very hard on pretending that there is no food in the office (which is a blatent lie and my body knows it) since it is no longer on my diet. Okay, I just managed to walk by the food again without eating any, of course I will be doing that all day since all the food is placed really near my mailbox and a number of other vital things (like my secretary's desk). Anyway, after spending all weekend with very fit people, I am motivated to get back on track with working out and keeping up this blog (which has a new spiffy look because I got bored of the old one). Now, I am going to start actually trying to accomplish work so I can sneak out and go to the gym a little bit before noon.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Bruised and battered

Once again on a Sunday morning, I am completely bruised and banged up. I guess running through rivers and crawling up mountainsides on your knees will do that to you. Anyway, it was a pretty decent run yesterday although a little long and a number of us got in after dark. Fortunately, while I may not have been a girl scout, I am pretty well prepared with a flashlight and a camelpack of water on every trail and so the dark was not much of an issue. Plus, you end up with a wealth of good stories about falling over logs and sliding down mountains on your rear. Today, we are off on a boat trip with a number of hash friends to just chill out and relax. I figure it will be three hours of getting a tan and harassing people that I adore more and more the longer I hang out with them. Tonight we play frisbee (although a little bit late because of the boat trip) and then tomorrow it is back to work and the regular grind. I am glad to be through the last holiday weekend and having everything get back to normal life so that I can concentrate on weight loss without as many food temptations around, we will see how it goes over the next few weeks and months.