Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day three and counting

I am remarkably stiff this morning, apparently I haven't been using the muscles for running very much recently. Yesterday was a good food day, which makes two days in a row for the first time in a long time. Despite being sore this morning, I still hoped on the treadmill this morning and ran. It was not a good run. However, I did effectively prove to myself (at least according to the treadmill) that I am running at least 3.1 miles every time I run. I feel good about my exercise level for the first time in weeks, and a little less bored. I think I am going to aim for running about 3 miles on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I have been debating giving up coffee for the next month, even though I can have it with fake sugar. I think this week I will just give up sugar. I will work on lowering my coffee intake slowly and I will start by not drinking coffee on weekends. I think a ridiculously drastic plan would probably be bad.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A General Plan

So, this morning in the free time I do not have at work, I did some research. Basically, it all boiled down to the following information. A sprint triathalon (basically 1/2 of a full length triathlon) would be a 5 k run, a 13 mile bike ride, and a 1/2 mile swim. Right now, I could probably do a 5 k run, the swim and bike rides would be a little more questionable but I could probably manage each one. Could I do all of those things on the same day? Probably not. So, maybe I will begin training for a mini-triathlon over the next few months. First, I am going to go buy some books, because as we all know, I am the queen of fitness books. Also, I am going to give up sugar completely for the next 40 days. Why 40 days? Lent starts tomorrow, and although I am not Catholic all of my co-workers are Catholic and giving up various things. So, it is a nice manageable length of time and everyone else will be depriving themself as well so now seems like a good time. Recognizing the fact that I need shortcuts and simplicity in my life, I am also going to work on bringing a premade lunch (this week Lean Cuisines) and keeping frozen vegetables and chicken breasts at home. So, tonight I am going to clean out the cupboards at home again and get back to basic healthy eating.

Wagon Day 2

So, that is what the wagon looks like, I had not seen it in months so I was not sure. Anyway, last night I actually lifted free weights and did sit ups. Food was good yesterday except for one slip with a piece of cake which I only ate due to starvation pains. So, today I brought healthy snacks. This morning I also actually ran for 30 minutes at 6.5 mph in addition to my regular eliptical workout. I notice that I retain a certain level of fitness even when I have spent a month slacking on my cardio routine. I have come to the stunning (not really) realization that I am simply bored with what I am doing in terms of cardio. I am casting around for something to get me interested again, I like spinning and running is generally a good thing when I actually do it. I am vaguely kicking around the idea of begining to train for something like a triathalon in my spare time, so I am going to look at begining that process slowly over the next few months. Very slowly mind you, and we will see whether I manage to stay on the wagon as it were in terms of diet and exercise.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bad News then good

Allow me to now state the obvious, the whole diet and exercise thing has not been going particularly well. I am still working out every morning, but food has been a nightmare recently and I have been slacking on weight lifting. Hmm, I think this is exactly what I said the last time that I posted. Part of the problem is work related, the stress level is so high in the office that it is amazing that we are not all insane at this point. I am a stress eater, always have been, so it is not surprising that I go a little haywire when exposed to an environment such as this one. Part of the problem is just mental tiredness from having been on the diet track for so long. Anyway, there is some good news, I went diving this weekend and felt really peaceful and calm as a result. Well, my ears felt horrible but I always have ear problems diving despite taking sudafed prior to going underwater. Once they cleared, I had a great time. I haven't been diving in almost a year and there is a lot to be said for an activity where all you do is swim around and admire nature. So, I feel closer to being back on track today as a result and that is the good news. I am going to grill up chicken breasts and broccoli for dinner, have salad for lunch and try to cut back on my sugar consumption this week. I will try and post everyday to keep myself accountable, we will see how it goes for the next few days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wagon, what wagon?

So, I have been gone for awhile. Work has been remarkably stressfull and I am only now begining to hunt for the wagon that I fell off about two weeks ago. The good news, I have started running again at least one day a week (which I had not done in a long time) and I am still loving my morning spin classes. The bad news, I have not been making it to evening classes at the gym, I have not really been lifting weights at home, and I basically fell into a pile of food for awhile. I am slowly recovering and crawling back toward the wagon. This weekend I cleaned out my fridge and my cupboards, and I only have a few things in there now, all of which are healthy. Unfortunately, yesterday was decreed as chocolate day at work, so my food durring the day was very bad. Today will be better, but I am not aiming for perfection, just a slightly better day.