Sunday, February 27, 2005

Generalized Chaos

I'm going to be gone for awhile. My entire office is moving on wednesday and right now there are moving boxes everywhere and people running around like mad. I am going to lose internet access starting on wednesday until we get settled into a new office and that may be awhile. So, I won't be posting but I will try and be good while I am gone. On another note, lets not discuss the weekend and move on with life. My friend set the jungle trail on Saturday which caused me to (a) get a mild concusion from jumping off a waterfall and hitting the bottom (there was no path other than jumping off the waterfall and frankly I am just lucky that my rear hit the ground first and my head second or it would have been bad), (b) I got yelled at when I informed her that the marks on her trail had disappeared which was why I got in after dark along with three other people, she basically claimed I was making it up and (c) I spent all sunday sleeping to recover from the pounding headache I woke up with although all I had drunk the night before was water and a soda when they ran out of water at the bonfire after the run. So, in other words, nothing got painted although I did run a line of caulk around my tub and bathroom sink. I did not even make it to the store to buy paint and that means it is one more project that I may or may not have time for this week. So, frankly I am a little annoyed right now which is not helped by the fact that I have to be in court in a few minutes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh look, I'm at K-Mart again

I make a mean onion and garlic soup, I just have to tell you. Anyway, last night went well although I was still running around in the kitchen like a chicken with my head cut off when my friends arrived. However, they have met me before so I don't think that it was really a surprise that I was a little bit disorganized. Today, the rest of the chocolate cake came to work and I in a moment of complete insanity picked myself up a piece to eat with lunch. Three bites in and I remembered that cake was definately not on my diet so into the trash it went and out of my office as fast as humanly possible. At least tonight I am going running and climbing around with a bunch of my friends which should help burn off some calories. Oh, and I am going to paint my apartment which has to qualify as a workout on some level. I am think it will mostly end up being gold and green because that goes with the small amounts of furniture that I currently own. I am slowly working on organizing my life but I just wish it did not involve daily and repeated trips to K-Mart to pick up what I forgot to buy previously because after awhile wandering around K-Mart gets pretty old and you need to get a life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'll have my cake and avoid it to

One of my friends turns 27 on friday (yes N. that officially makes you old like me), so tonight I am having him over for dinner along with his girlfriend and another friend. He loves chocolate so I am making him a chocolate devils food cake (the cake is made, just has to be iced) and onion cream soup and pasta. It is not in other words, a diet friendly meal but my plan is to eat in moderation and avoid the cake completely. If it is not friendship to make someone a cake that you are not going to eat and keep it in your refridgerator for multiple hours when you really love chocolate, I don't know what is at this point. I have all sorts of things in my apartment right now that normally I would avoid like the plague, including sugar, chocolate, cream, and butter. Still, this is part of my plan, eat everything in moderation and balance out heavy days with light ones. If I have to live like this for the rest of my life, I need to make peace with all different types of food. However, everything I do not normally eat will be out of my house by tomorrow evening at the latest which is also a sneaky trick to avoid eating it after today. Anyway, back to work and then I have to run to the store and run home quickly after work so that I can start cooking everything.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Daily update

Last night, I lifted weights, did some core fitness exercises, and practiced falling down (which as far as I can determine is an important part of aikido). What my neighbors below me think that I am doing in my spare bedroom at 9:00 pm at night, I do not really want to know at this point. I was decent on food and I got a nice walk in because my car refused to start (it has a bad battery which is currently being replaced) and I had to walk home from the mall. I also had to walk to the mall this morning to jumpstart my car and drive it to the dealership. Extraneous exercise is never a bad thing in my book. Tonight is aikido practice baring unforseen problems preventing me from making it to class. Thursday night there is a hash run and hopefully by tomorrow, I will have my car and be able to start going to the gym on a more regular basis. Food has been decent and will get better the more that I get back on track. Now, I just have to work on furnishing my apartment which I think will also help my mental state and cleaning up my office.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Finding my groove again

In case you missed it, I have been in and out of here posting only infrequently. Now, I could totally blame this on work, which has been insane for quite awhile. However, in fairness, I must say that it is because I have not been eating or working out the way that I should work out. Oh, I am the queen of the maintainers, bouncing around between 160 and 158 for at least two solid months, but when you are 5'2" that is not a healthy weight to be maintaining at for any length of time. Still, I am finally back, the drive is finally back. Partially, because I have a car which is making me much more mobile (although not at this precise moment because the battery died this morning and I will be having that fixed tomorrow) and partially because it is time to get my behind in gear. I realized this on the weekend as I was hiking up a mountain on the hash run and having to stop because I was out of breath, not acceptable. I could pontificate and explain by saying that I was 45 minutes into an hour and a half run which was basically all uphill but no, I just felt out of shape. I have been slowly losing my endurance and strength over the last few months because I have been doing less exercise and making more excuses. This weekend I bought a stability ball, weights, and last night I turned my spare bedroom into a weight room for the nights I do not make it to the gym. Once my car troubles are sorted out, I am going back to my old plan where I get up at 6 am and go to the gym on my way to work. This coming month I am going to start picking up an extra night of aikido and going on tuesdays and thursdays. I am going back to a stricter diet but something I can live with, which means more salads and less eating out. Basically, I am going to kick my own rear into shape and it is about time. Oh, and I am going to post every day during the week to keep myself accountable. The really anal exercise and diet girl is back people, and this time the inner fat girl is getting a little bit nervous.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Working girl

Wow, I haven't posted for a really long time again. I have no real excuse other than the fact I only have internet at work and this is the first morning in forever that I have sat down at my computer for longer than ten seconds. I have been spending between six and eight hours everyday in court and then going home and falling asleep. Trust me, today will be very similar it is just that my court schedule is starting a little bit later that normal. I am exhausted and stressed but I was amused to discover the other day that my big food indulgence appears to be whole wheat pasta and 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup. In the old days it would have involved tons of cheese but lately I have been way more interested in putting tobasco into items. I go through food phases and now I seem to be into the spicy/salty food phase as opposed to the sweet food phase. Anyway, I am still maintaining and given the last couple of weeks that is a pretty big miracle right now. I have to get back to work but if I am lucky I will get a little time later to post (but if I disappear for a week again it will be due to the hectic nature of work right now).