Saturday, December 26, 2009

Back with photos

Well after a year I am back, maybe. We will see how it goes. Anyway, I am going to try blogging my food through photographs now to keep myself more accountable than I have been in the past. This is lunch today, a green smoothie filled with spinach, a banana, milk, agave syrup, a spoonful of Amazing Grass, and a splash of eggnog (it is the Christmas season after all). Imagine this flute times about 4 and you can see what I had for lunch. I got sick right before Christmas and have spent the whole holiday curled up asleep in my apartment so this is the first real healthy food I have had in days. My body was craving something green so I bought spinach at the store and broke out the champagne flute to make it feel fancy for once. I read about green smoothies on the web and figured I would try them and see if you could taste the spinach and you really cannot taste anything besides the milk and banana. Hopefully this will help my body feel healthier and I will be able to get back to the gym by Monday (totally not an option right now with a head cold).

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