Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oww, or the day in which minor catastrophes beset our heroine

I have the most godawful headache. Oh and I need a new living room chair because my old one has decided to fall apart (admittedly it was cheap). So now I get to see how long I can make that chair last because I don't really have the money to spend on a new chair. Did I mention the part where my head hurt yet? This is what happens when one quits sugar, diet sodas, and coffee simultaneously (I suspect). I'm very grouchy today, even though I am drinking tea which is caffinated. Oh and my thermostat appears to have shorted out somehow so I have to get the maintance people to fix that tomorrow because I can't change the temperature. Plus, I have a sore throat (just to round out the catalogue of woes. Anyway, I am going to bed (even though it is only 8:30) because if I don't who knows what horrible catastrophe will befall me. I did work out this morning and stayed on my eating plan (no sugar, see above) so lets go with that for the day.

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