Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So tired

Today was a long day with lots of work stuff imploding unexpectedly all over the place. Oh, and I unexpectedly had a job interview that I had been told was being postponed until next week. Not prepared for that at all and now my brain is really tired. I came home and lifted weights which usually helps perk me up but not today. I am tired and I am going to go crash in front of the television and go to bed until I have to get up tomorrow morning and work out at 4:30 am. I did manage to run for 20 minutes again this morning so that makes three days in a row which is good news. I am going to try and run tomorrow morning as well and see how my legs feel. Oh, and my eating is on plan although a little low in calories which is what happens when I stress myself out with work stuff. So, all is good just tiring and stressful.

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