Monday, October 20, 2008

Long Days Journey

Today was a long day in terms of staying on plan (which I managed by the way). I was starving for no apparent reason, even with my nice 10 am snack and a good sized lunch. I think I may not have had enough food reserves to draw on from Sunday when I did not eat enough food over the course of the day. It could of course be totally unrelated to that and be just my body acting up, really I have no idea. Still, I made it through and no random cookies or cake snuck in to my mouth. Actually, what I really wanted was a piece of fruit and I had left the banana I meant to bring for my afternoon snack at home. Le sigh. I think tomorrow will probably be better, then again this may just be optimism speaking and not reality. My legs are tired today and I think it is because I do not really do a lot of hill work in my regular workouts. Still, I lifted weights, worked out on the eliptical trainer, and did all of my exercise this morning. I figure days like today are just a reminder that this is never going to be easy and I need to keep on pushing through the bad days to get back to the good ones.

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