Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Running and other thoughts

I have nothing new to report today. I am swamped at work, super important hearing on Friday on a case and so I have just been working on that all week. I am totally on track with food (probably because I like what I am eating) and exercise as well. I am back to having the ability to run a 12 minute mile and now I will begin increasing the amount of time I am running at that speed. I run really slowly anyway but I would like to be running three times a week for at least 20 minutes a day, right now I am only at about 10 minutes. My office is starting to fill with halloween candy for all the children who will be visiting on Friday (we have trick or treating in the office) I am avoiding the candy including the bags in my office. So far, pretending the candy does not exist is working swimmingly and I am not going to bring any of it home with me. Halloween is pretty much just a preview for the rest of the holiday season but my plan is to take one meal off at Christmas and one meal off at Thanksgiving and eat healthy the rest of the time. In the spirit of the holidays, I made myself a low calorie pumpkin smoothie today, it needs to be tweaked but has some serious potential as a tasty low calorie treat ( I think I can get it down to about 100 calories if I try). I am down to one cup of coffee a day and I have replace my need for caffeine with about 3-4 cups of black unsweetened chai tea which has also cut down calories. So, I am happy with where I am today. This is a picture of my furry children (the kitten just walked on my head by the way).

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