Monday, October 27, 2008

That is a meal not an appetizer

Apparently there was eggnog in the office today. I say apparently because I never saw it other than in a cup on one of my coworker's desks. Thus, I avoided it without even knowing it was there in the first place. I actually went out to lunch today at PF Chang where I had their chicken lettuce wraps which they technically define as an appetizer. I looked up the calories and it works out to about 510 calories total (I had about 2/3). This strikes me as a meal and not as something which proceeds the main course. Most of my meals work out to about 400-450 calories and they involve a fair amount of vegetables and protein. I can only assume in this case that the calories come from the sauce which the chicken is doused in and which is admittedly very tasty. I had a small dinner as a result which seems logical given the calories that I ate at lunch. Other than that, it was a very quiet monday.

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