Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Check-in

The sugar is finally out of my house since this morning I delivered all of my Christmas presents to my coworkers. It does feel a bit disingenuous to be working so hard at eating well and working out and then giving everyone tons of unhealthy gifts. Still, my coworkers don't really need to lose weight and they don't struggle with their eating the way that I have over the years. I am pretty much done with baking for the holiday season and the left over sugar and chocolate will just hide in the back of my pantry until a birthday party rolls around in a few months. I did pretty well at not eating much of the baked goods, I could have done better but they are out of my house now and that is good news. Tonight, I am going to clean up my kitchen and the remainder of my house which I wrecked over the weekend with the baking. I also have finally managed to raise my running speed again after several weeks of running an 11:45 mile pace, I am now running an 11:32 mile pace which is exciting. My real goal is to get to around a 10 mile pace over the next couple of months and then increase the incline to make the workout more difficult. I have been forced to acknowledge that I will never have more than 60 minutes a day to workout so I have to make that 60 minutes count everyday. Other than the Christmas cookies my eating has been good overall and that is good news given the time of year.

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