Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Holiday Season

I am back, I know it has been quiet around here recently, mostly due to the holidays and work issues. I am still totally on track, I am now running about an 11:45 mile for 30 minutes every weekday morning. I am up to working out for an hour every morning six days a week and my food has been surprisingly good given the holiday season ( I actually lost weight over Thanksgiving despite consuming queso and pumpkin empanadas). I spent today roasting chicken and sweet potatoes and making four different types of cookie dough for my holiday gifts. In true baking fashion I ran out of salt and had to put off making the last dough until I get to the store again. I am freezing all of the cookie dough (it keeps for about two weeks in the freezer) and I will make the cookies next week when I start putting together gift baskets for my coworkers. I am also making cross stitch ornaments for everyone and given them cards and calendars made by my mother. I am pretty much making all but a few christmas gifts this year which is my preference since I never find what I want in the stores. So, everything is going well and hopefully I will have more time to blog over the next few weeks than I have had over the last few weeks.

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