Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ah, Pizza

I have been craving pizza for the last week and I decided to make it lunch today. I had a personal frozen pizza but I did doctor it up a little bit by adding a half cup of spinach on top so that I would get in some dark leafy greens for the day. It was extremely tasty and I think that I will not need any pizza for a long time now. I am trying to work things into my diet that I really want so I do not go crazy but I am balancing them with healthy food wherever possible. Hence the spinach and also the big glass of water that I had with lunch.


I love that pink glass, it was two bucks at Target and you put it in the freezer and get it icy cold which is great. I need a new one because it is beginning to fall apart. Oh, and here is your sleeping cat picture for the day.


This is my older cat, she is sleeping next to my computer which is where she stays whenever I am surfing the web or working on projects on my laptop.

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