Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hmm no pictures today

I have been failing the past few days in taking pictures of my food so instead you get a picture of my furry kids. I am going to start again tomorrow which is when I am officially starting on my healthy post holiday eating. I don't really believe in starting New Years Resolutions on New Years Day. Anyway, most of my food has been relatively healthy for the past few days, but it could certainly be better. So, my resolutions this year are pretty basic: 1) Work out more effectively (i.e. put in more effort) 2) Eat more vegetables/green food 3) Eliminate sugar from my diet 4) Limit bread and pasta-this is not because they are bad for you, because they are not, but because they are trigger foods for me I tend to really overeat bread and pasta 5) Run a 5K race 6) Work on lowering my stress level 7) Post on my blog at least 3 times a week Those are my health related resolutions for the year. I am not making losing weight a goal because I think it is more important for me to work on healthy eating and workout habits because I have been really slacking on those for a while. I am also going to limit my shopping (especially shoes) and work on saving more money over the next year for retirement. I have some other goals but those are the big ones for right now.

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