Saturday, January 09, 2010

Ahh, Saturday


This is lunch today. Green peppers, spinach. baked beans, a tomato, two black bean burgers, light sour cream, and a glass of water. I did not photograph breakfast but it was basically this:


It is my ordinary saturday breakfast. Food yesterday was not very exciting, well except for dinner which I did not photograph. I went out to dinner with my friends and had beef kabobs with a baked potato and bread. I brought about half the meal home and you will probably see it tonight incorporated into dinner. The beans in my meal for lunch are from last night. This morning I ran out to the store and did all my grocery shopping for the week, I think it is fair to say that you will see a lot of broccoli this week. I also got more black beans and spinach because I am kind of addicted to black beans and they were on sale for a dollar a can. Anyway, I am off to clean and do laundry (my apartment is a wreck). I will be back with dinner tonight.

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