Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Long Day's Journey into Night

I knew today was going to be a longer than normal day because I had to work until at least 7 pm. So I decided to make sure my breakfast was a little more filling and I actually managed to take a picture of it. Two cups of coffee and oatmeal with hazelnut butter and raspberries. I even managed to photograph it this morning before I left for work. I am trying to finish the raspberries before they go bad because they usually only last for two or three days in my fridge before they become really moldy.


Once I got to work, I drank a ton of water to make up for the coffee and because I have been really lax about drinking my eight cups everyday. I had about two of the below giant cups over the course of the morning. In case you were wondering that is a giant cup of water and not mountain dew, it is just a mountain dew container that I got in an office competition about a year ago (I do not remember what the competition was for, just that I won the cup).


I did not photograph lunch because I had a conference call at lunch and worked through it. I had a banana, a tangerine, and a cranberry walnut salad. I did not have time to finish the salad because of the conference call. I had stuck the banana in my lunch bag because I wanted to make sure that I got an extra snack in since I knew that I would be working late and not eating until well after my normal dinner time.    


Above is my dinner, well there was also some chocolate and popcorn but that did not get photographed. This is a deconstructed hamburger (i.e. no bun and no cheese). Two veggie burgers, arugula lettuce, onion, light mayo, and honey mustard. I inhaled this when I finally made it home at 8 o'clock. It had the benefit of only taking 5 minutes to make once I walked in the door. I was starving since I usually eat dinner no later than 6 pm. This is why I keep veggie burgers in my freezer, they are healthy and fast. This is also why I work out in the mornings so I do not have to deal with the gym at night when I am tired. I managed 15 minutes on the stationary bike and 45 minutes on the eliptical machine and I feel like I am slowly getting back to my routine after having been sick on and off for the month of December.

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