Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday again

Somehow it is already sunday evening and I have not accomplished much of anything today. Ah well, at least it was relaxing. My lunch today is below, a veggie burger, spinach, onions, light mayo, mustard, and reduced fat cheese. It is basically a deconstructed burger since I skip the bread. I had popcorn later as a snack but that was not photographed. My breakfast was the same as yesterday and also not photographed.


Then I cleaned for awhile and took a nap before I made dinner. Steamed broccoli with a sprinkling of reduced fat cheese, red potatoes with light sour cream and risotto from a mix which was actually remarkably tasty and easy to make in about 20 minutes flat. I have enough left over for tomorrow night which is important because I am probably not going to get home until around 8:30 pm since I have to go train police officers from 6-8 pm. Tomorrow night is all about fast food and I also have lots of left over broccoli which is a good thing (it is the ingredient of the week in case you were wondering).


After dinner, I made myself desert. Frozen bananas and chocolate hazelnut butter. I just froze the bananas and pureed them in my blender for about 5 minutes and topped with the hazelnut butter. Tasty and I got in my fruit and healthy fats for the day. I have also had a bunch of water today but that almost never gets photographed so you will just have to imagine its existence.


Tomorrow is a really long day so I am going to go get organized for it now and head to bed early so that I can run in the morning at the gym.

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