Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Morning Brunch

This is my idea of a decadent breakfast and I try to save it for Sundays. I had coffee and greek yogurt with raspberries and a spoonful of chocolate hazelnut butter. It is about 400 calories worth of food but it will hold me over until lunch and it tastes great. I am spending today spring cleaning my apartment and getting rid of a lot of junk that I am not using and then I am off to the store to purchase some additional storage devices (lack of storage is a constant problem in a small apartment). Tomorrow is back to the regular routine for the first time since I got really sick and hopefully back to running as well. I will probably try and do some yoga today and stretch but I am not planning any serious cardio until tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be back later with lunch and what I am making for dinner as well.

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