Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hump Day

I did not make it to bed until 10 pm last night because of how late I got home on Tuesday. So, I did a shorter workout this morning because I was really tired (about 40 minutes, 35 minutes elliptical and 5 minutes doing sit ups), I may try and fit some more working out in later on tonight. Breakfast was the same as yesterday, oatmeal with raspberries and coffee. I did not bother photographing it as a result. However I managed to photograph my lunch salad which is the same as yesterday, so in a way you have seen all of my meals for the last two days.


I pondered what I was making for dinner this morning and ended up deciding to make a black bean soup with arugula, onions, light sour cream, and mushrooms. I threw a few slightly stale tortilla strips on top to give the dish some crunch. I also made my way through two ginormous glasses of water with the meal.

I also made some popcorn for desert (fortunately there is no more chocolate in the house). I do love popcorn and since it is better than the alternatives you will probably be seeing it a fair amount in my diet.

I am actually pretty pleased with the variety of my dinners for the week, it is much better than what I normally manage to do in the past. Apparently documenting my meals photographically is actually useful for my diet. Now I just need to vary my workouts but I have a plan for that which I am going to put into action this weekend. I am also going to try to do some real meal planning this weekend about what I am going to cook for next week rather than throwing items into my cart when I go to the grocery store. I am trying to make sure that a different vegetable is central to every week of dinners rather than meat as part of my attempt to cut down on the amount of meat that I am eating. I am going to try to go to bed early tonight and have a hard workout in the morning to make up for my easy workout today. It is supposed to be freezing tomorrow morning for around here (only in the single digits) and I am not looking forward to the run over to the apartment gym. We will see how it goes.

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