Thursday, September 02, 2004

One more day

I made it through exercising this morning which means I have one more day left of working out before I rest on Saturday. My body has been a lot less upset than I thought it would be about the working out which is a good sign. I think this means that I am more fit than I give myself credit for being most of the time. Today I even managed to convince myself to run for 60 minutes and walk for 60 minutes which I wasn't able to do on Tuesday (I only ran for 50 minutes on Tuesday). Now, if I could just get the rolls of fat to magically disappear that would be nice, I am not holding my breath on that account. I think because I am so short it is going to take another 20 pounds or so before I can really see a huge difference in the shape of my body in terms of my midsection. I may just have weird blinders on about my size though since everyone else can see the difference. Alternatively, this may just be the onset of my freaking out about this weekend and seeing people who haven't seen me since I lost weight. I hope that was a complicated enough sentence for everybody. Anyway, I hit 165.4 lbs this morning which means that I am just around 2 lbs away from being only overweight as opposed to obese and so I am going to be happy with that today.

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