Monday, September 06, 2004

So I'm back then

Yes, I am back from the wedding, just got home about an hour ago. I am exhausted from all the travel and events this weekend. Also, I have to work out in about an hour because the hotel gym was very barebones and not large enough for all the people using it. Therefore, I did not workout this morning and I have to workout tonight (but since I just ate dinner I am going to wait for a bit before I run). Anyway, I had a lovely time and I think I did okay on food, although I had too much coffee on both Saturday and Sunday and not enough water. Of course, I will really see how I did when I weigh in tomorrow morning, now that ought to be exciting. I would write more but I am really tired and I need to go water the plants at my house before they die in the heat. So, off to drink water, workout, and water plants, hopefully I will manage all that without colapsing into an exhausted little heap on the floor.

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Erin said...

This is a strange question I know... But I am also in the process of losing 100+ pounds... When you were a bigger girl did you love saltine crackers? Could you like eat an entire sleve of them with out a second thought? A former fatty friend of mine have discussed the curse of the fatgirl/saltine craker curse, just wanted your take on it.