Saturday, January 03, 2009

Grocery Store Adventures and Saturday Workouts

I have now finished my last workout for the week, 25 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill and 45 minutes on the eliptical machine. Saturdays are always a little more mellow in terms of workouts than the rest of the week because I am not running or pushing myself as hard because I am tired and sore. It is more important to me on Saturdays to do something involving cardio than to run myself ragged with a high intensity workout. I did succeed in one mini goal that I had, I managed to workout on the same schedule during my vacation as I do when I am working. I also am almost at the point of running an 11 minute mile although I think it will probably take me another week to get there because I am not going to increase my running speed this coming week due to how hard it has been to adjust to running at 5.4 mph. I also made it to the grocery store yesterday and was reminded of why I usually go to the store early on Saturday or Sunday morning no people or lines to contend with while I am shopping. The store was really crowded and busy but I got all of my food for the week and I will make it today or tomorrow for the week. Probably tomorrow because that way it will last me through the week. I will be glad to be back on my regular schedule next week because it makes watching my food intake a lot less stressful and easier because I am not bored and contemplating what I want to eat. Schedules always make my life easier to manage probably because I am something of a control freak in certain ways and I want things to run to plan. However, I have not had any major food slip ups in a while, so I am pleased and also happy that all of the sugar is out of my house so there are no lurking cookie temptations in the fridge. I am going to go stretch now and clean my kitchen up so that I can be prepared for all the cooking tomorrow.

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