Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Avocados that I have loved

I adore avocados, always have, always will. Maybe because I am from California, maybe it is the whole fruit versus vegetable argument or just their decadent creamy goodness. Anyway you cut it (okay for the record, totally unintentional pun that I just wrote) I really like eating them in salads and with chicken or anything else. Not to mention the fact that my dad makes the world's best guacamole and I'm not just saying that because he lets me live rent free in his house. I would probably eat them everyday if I could but my friend the avocado has a lot of calories. So, I have made a deal with myself, every other week I have avocado in my lunch salad. So one week I am avocado free and the next week avocados galore, well not galore but you get the point. That way, it is as if I am having a fabulous treat and not eating to many calories as well. So, this is an avocado week and I am enjoying every minute of it, especially since it is about to end after today because of my road trip. As I lose weight I find new food treats and rediscover old friends like avocados and fuji apples which means that I am not missing sweets as much as I used to in the past. In other news, I am doing my cardio workout later with my mom (I already lifted weights) which means that I am going to the stadium and climbing stairs. Regular breakfast of hardboiled eggs and salad with chicken, tomato and the aforementioned avocado. Lots of water and since I am cold right now I may have my one cup of coffee soon. Life is good, and that should last right until I go and climb lots of stairs but hey I've got some avocado that I need to burn off after my lunch.

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Chez said...

Hey hon, ran across your blog today and wanted to say hi. Congrats on the weight loss.