Saturday, June 12, 2004

I blog therefore I am

Okay, maybe not really. However, I realized this morning as I was hiking the trail of doom (a 2 mile hike uphill) that I am developing the habit of composing blog entries when I am working out. Now, this may just be a vain attempt by my mind to avoid thinking about the ongoing suffering from exercise but it is still kind of freaky. Oh, and I did really well on the hike today, which is a good thing because apparently we are doing the same hike tomorrow morning. Yucky, but must be done. Certainly this blog is good for my sanity and accountability but maybe I should stop making up entries while I am actually outside getting exercise and just enjoy the pretty little bunnies and other scenery along the path. I am still totally on plan, although I don't think that I actually ate enough yesterday which is a problem. Also, I still am not happy with what I see in the mirror but I remain hopeful that my perspective will improve over time.

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