Sunday, June 13, 2004

The strength that honesty takes

So, a very close friend of mine who is among the small number of people who read this blog was commenting to me about how proud she was of my honesty here and how that takes a lot of strength. (By the way, thanks S. the support I've gotten from you over the past 9 years of ups and downs has made my life generally so much easier). Anyway, it never occured to me before that you have to be strong to be honest but I think she is right. It is hard to admit what you actually weigh and where you actually are in your life to the people who are in it. Okay that was a badly constructed sentence but I think you get the point. I never used to admit to what my actual weight was when I was trying to lose weight in the past. My older brother who functions as my personal trainer because I can't afford a real personal trainer pointed this out a couple of months ago. Now, I tell people what I weigh, what size I wear, what I dislike about working out, and how I continue to struggle with food. I don't just do it in the anonimity of this blog, I do it in my real life as well and it is hard. I do it every day, because it makes my struggles easier than if I just kept it all in and pretended it was easy. None of this is easy, all of it requires strength so be honest about that each and every day. My wish today for anyone who struggles as I do with my weight is that they have friends who tell you when they are proud and tell you the truth no matter what the situation. I have had people like that in my life since college and I am incredibly grateful for them today and everyday.

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Mary said...

Brava, kat.