Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Playing dress up

So, I finally got online a few minutes ago (the internet wasn't working all day). Anyway, today I got a bunch of boxes of old clothing that my ex-roommate shipped to me. Mostly suits and dresses. I tried on a bunch of the suits because I want to have them taken in to fit again and it was as if I was playing dress up in my old clothing. The formerly knee length skirts go down almost to my ankles and the suit jackets are really long. I am admittedly petite but it was really ridiculous to see these pieces of clothing on my body. Basically all the fabric used to cover my extra pounds and so it didn't hang down as far. I did find a couple of useable outfits, two sundresses I bought in Hawaii which were always tight are now a little bit loose and a bunch of tanktops that I can wear to work out in even though they are big. I am taking the rest of the clothing to Goodwill tomorrow which will make my second trip to dispose of clothes this year. My suits will be taken in and if that is really expensive I will also donate them since there is a lot of wear left in the clothing. Still, it is humbling to see where I was just a few months ago, suddenly I feel the need to run a lot more on the treadmill than the 3.5 miles I did today.

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