Monday, June 28, 2004

Hey baby, nice bruise

So, I completely lack coordination and I always have been rather klutzy. I was reminded of this last night in a big way. I was in my nice cozy bed, drifting off into sleep when I realized I hadn't done my core fitness moves for the day. Basically these involve staying in the pushup and other various positions for as long as possibly. It has been emphasized to me by my brother that these exercises are "very important" (cue ominous music here) and should be done on all the days that I don't lift weights. So, after bitching about not wanting to get up again and coming up against the fact I was already wearing workout clothes and not actually asleep so I had no real excuse, I got out of bed. Okay, actually I attempted to get out of bed. In the process, I ran into the bed somehow, how one runs into a bed that one is getting out of I cannot really explain. I manged it however and ended up in a heap on the floor in the dark. Apparently, somewhere in the midst of all of that I banged my leg and am now developing a lovely and rather painful bruise. Not the suavest move ever and I don't see movie executives looking for graceful and limber secret agent types giving me a call in the near future. However, I did actually do my core fitness exercises prior to staggering back to bed so the bruise was probably worthwhile. Next time I am turning the light on before I attempt to get out of my bed since I am clearly not good at it.

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