Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Exercise and eating for Wednesday

So, I think I may be basically unable to post just one entry each day, yet another part of the fact I really like to talk. Anyway, this morning I ran for 51:30 minutes which worked out to 3.5 miles. Then I walked for about another 20 minutes and lifted weights (today was biceps and triceps). Then breakfast which I should have had first but it didn't workout that way, some hard boiled eggs and a peach. Lunch was a caesar salad with fat free dressing and half of a chicken breast. Afternoon snack was a bananna (which I discovered later my dad was saving for lunch tomorrow, oops sorry about that) and some string cheese. Dinner was 3 ribs and a small piece of laughing cow light cheese because there is literally nothing else worth eating in my house right now. I had my one cup of coffee in the midafternoon and I have had a ton of water as always. So, food is pretty much normal especially since other than working out I didn't get tremendous amounts of activity in today.

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Cali said...

Way to kick some butt on your workout girl. I did walk/jog for about 25 mins yesterday and another 15 mins walking so it was a long workout for me. I am sore today baby~ And my body is so not used to that~!!!!

Thanks for stoppin by the old blog. It is always nice to see ya.

Take care, and keep up the GREAT work,