Thursday, July 01, 2004

People really like doing this?

So, I went for a run this morning outside in the neighborhood. The wind was in my hair, the perfume of flowers scented the air, and the scenery was quite beautiful. Okay, who am I kidding? It pretty much sucked the whole 45 minutes or so that I ran a giant loop around the neighborhood and back to my house. In fact, I almost got run down by a car that didn't really believe that stop signs applied to it or alternatively was playing the fun hit the runner crossing the street game. I mean, there must be people who really like running and working out, I just don't know any of those people. I keep hearing about this elusive runner's high thing where you could just go on forever and that has never happened to me. Instead, I pant a lot, get occasional leg cramps and start inventing elaborate scenarios in my head that will allow me to stop running long before my workout time is up. Yet, I am planning to run a 5k in the end of september, I may just be certifiably insane at this point. Oh, and did I mention that I might have swallowed a bug somewhere along the way, I'm not entirely sure and frankly I don't really want to think about it. The good news is that I actually worked out and I don't have to do it again until tomorrow morning at 8 am, but I am not holding my breath that I am going to enjoy tomorrows workout either. Done is good, and that is what I am going with today.

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