Tuesday, July 13, 2004


So, I was playing around with my digital camera last night and I discovered that you can see my collar bones all the time. I don't quite think you understand the importance of this statement. I can see that I have bones ALL THE TIME. Dude, who knew that this was possible? My collar bones have always been rather shy, they would briefly appear if I hunched my shoulders forward and then skitter off behind the fat covering my upper chest. However, now they are just kind of hanging around all the time. Also, I have ribs, which admittedly kind of freaked me out the first time I felt something that was hard and not just squishy fat. These are the sorts of things you don't notice when you carry a lot of extra weight on your body. I even had a moment last night where I couldn't find my double chin but then it reappeared when I smiled which was rather upsetting. Still, I don't really recognize my face in pictures because it is so much skinnier than it used to be at 242 lbs. My face actually has a lot more personality now it isn't buried under a layer of fat and I actually have a jawline and cheekbones. In other news, today is my day off from working out and I definately needed the rest. Tomorrow, I am doing stadiums again which will be lots of fun in the heat but I know it is good for me. I am down to 183.2 lbs because the elusive 60 lbs mark is enjoying mocking me but hopefully I will hit it in the next few days now that all the parties are done for awhile. I am fine on food for the day, and I have had a fair amount of water which is good. So, since it is laundry day I am now going to go and see if my clothing has finally dried and I can put it all away.

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