Sunday, July 11, 2004

And the answer was no

So , this morning I did 31 or 32 sets of stairs, not sure which since I lost track somewhere along the way. I really didn't want to get up this morning and go workout but I did even though I was tired and that is a good thing. I was wondering to myself as I trudged up and down stairs, would I ever get to a point where I roll out of bed in the morning and want to work out, I mean it hasn't happened yet. So, I came up with an answer at about the halfway point of my workout and the answer was as follows: No. Well then, I can actually live with that as an answer. No, I am never going to want to get up out of my cozy bed and workout but it has to be done. Somehow, knowing that it is never going to be a joyful experience allows me to see it as another task to be accomplished, just the way I don't enjoy doing laundry but I do it all the same. Okay, working out is worse than laundry but it still is a task that can be accomplished in a finite period of time and I can move on with my day. I think also it is important to not expect any of the requirements of losing weight to become easy because knowing it is a challenge helps safeguard against complaceny. So, the process goes onward and at least I am done working out for today. Tomorrow, well I am going to workout, but don't expect me to want to do it. I'll be on the treadmill by 8:30 am tomorrow morning, how about you?

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