Sunday, July 18, 2004

Somedays I just want to be a cat

So, this morning I went off to the stadium with my entire immediate family, brother, sister-in-law, parents to climb stairs. My cats on the other hand, stayed home and slept in the artic coolness of my house (which is always freezing because it was made for summer weather). I climbed up and down about 30 stairs for about 2 hours and really thought I was going to die, especially when I ran out of water 30 minutes before I finished working out. Meanwhile, my cats were napping, possibly waking up briefly to have a bit of a snack from their food bowl or a long drink from the water bowl. I was still sweating and considering alternative less painful methods of dying. I think, I just want to be a cat and nap in the warm sun or cool shade depending upon my mood, occasionally I might even bat around a catnip mouse or two but not so much as to wear myself out. However, I am not a cat so I have to work out and watch what I eat, which is going fine so far today. My body is still liking 182 as a weight, I think it would like to settle in and enjoy that number on the scale for awhile but that is really not going to happen because I have plans and I am working out like an insane woman. Anyway, that is where I am today, I have to go do some more work because unfortunately I am not a feline and it is not time for my afternoon nap.

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