Thursday, July 08, 2004

My cat's BMI

So, my parents own an overweight black and white cat named Nute. Nute weighs approximately 15 lbs (at least that is our best guess). So, out of curiosity, my dad and I measured him this morning (he is about 19 inches long) and I looked up his BMI. Well, results are in, my cat is less overweight than I am at this point. I have a BMI over 30 and Nute has a BMI of 29.2. Frankly, I am a little bit bitter that my extremely sedentary, eats all the time, naps a lot, cat is in better shape. Of course, possibly this is all inaccurate since the BMI scale was not created with cats in mind. Still, not the best way to start off a morning where your weight has decided to go up a little bit for the day. Anyway, I shall learn to live with the fact that my cat is currently the fit one in the house despite his ever expanding belly.

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