Thursday, July 15, 2004

To my body

Dear Body, I just wanted to say that I am sorry about yesterday. You know, the whole three hours of working out over the course of one day thing. I promise not to do that again until at least next wednesday. I know the legs and calves are really tired and running this morning was no fun at all. Also, possibly you would like more advanced warning when my brain decides that this sort of workout foolishness would be a good idea so I will work on that in the future. However, look at the positive side of all of this effort. Yesterday you managed to do 30 minutes of running, 30 minutes of walking, and 1.5 hours of stair climbing and that would not have been possible 6 months ago. So, want to do some extra cardio today? No, I didn't think that you would and frankly neither do I, so how about calling the morning workout good enough.

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