Saturday, July 17, 2004

How to hard boil an egg

So, my diet includes a lot of hardboiled eggs. I eat them every day for breakfast, usually one with the yolk and the rest without the yolk. But I have this fundamental problem with the whole process, I know how to boil them but I cannot get the shells to come off properly when I peel the eggs later. I do remember to put them right into cold water after coming off the stove along with a lot of ice but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. So, invariably, I end up with a tiny egg because the egg white refuses to be parted from the shell. Alternatively, I manage to separate the egg and the shell but the egg looks as if it has been attacked by an overly enthusiastic weasel with an anger management problem. Also, the whole egg peeling process takes forever and may be more effort than a solitary egg is really worth, at least nutritionally speaking. It is really very frustrating, and I have to wonder what I am missing in the whole egg boiling and cooling process. At some point the chickens of the world are going to unite against me because of the cruel and unusual punishment that I inflict upon their eggs (okay maybe not). Anyway, I am officially done ranting now, but you can't make me eat another egg today because that would be far too time consuming and I have things that need to be accomplished.


rachel said...

i finally perfected the hard-boiled egg peel!! crack the shell like normal and then take a spoon and slide it between the shell and the egg, scoop side in. then just slide it around till you've got a naked egg. works like a charm.

p.s. just stumbled across your blog! i just passed the -60 mark myself!!!

Chez said...

The spoon method definately works best for peeling a hard boiled egg. I however, have problems getting them cooked. I have passed the "they crack and egg goo leaks out and boils" phase and have moved on to "small brown spot on every egg once I've peeled them"

I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I let the eggs sit out to room temp. Put them in a pan of lukewarm water and then boil them on medium. I guess the brown spot is where they 'burned' a little while boiling?

Kat said...

I have never had brown spots on my eggs but here is what I do to boil them. Put the eggs in the pot with cold water, turn on the stove to high until the water begins to boil and then turn it down to a simmer, total cooking time is around 15 minutes. Seems to work except for the aforementioned egg peeling problem.