Monday, July 05, 2004

Not the brightest bunny around

Although, really, I suppose that my title here begs the question of whether or not there are any actual intelligents bunny rabbits in existence. Anyway, I went running for about 40 minutes this morning with a completely stuffed up head. It is always attractive to be running and simultateously panting and blowing your nose. I was only going to run for a few minutes because of my cold but then I ended up convincing myself to run the whole way. Not perhaps the best plan given the lack of the ability to breathe out of my nose. However, as I have previously noted in past entries, I have a tendency of working out regardless of whether or not I am sick. I just have a horrible time determining when I am too sick to actually exercise and so I workout anyway. So, there I was today, jogging along in my cute gap tanktop which while not really workout attire worked in a pinch because I am low on clean tanktops. I would have actually looked pretty decent were I not wearing workout shorts about 3 sizes too big which all but hung down to my knees, frankly it is amazing that they didn't fall off my body. Anyway, I workout and now it is done and I am at about 184.6 lbs which I will definately take after a holiday weekend. I am totally fine on food for the day, and also lifted weights and studies so I have been a really good girl.

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