Friday, July 09, 2004

The wonderous world of friday

So, I am off to the nearby city tonight to celebrate my brother's birthday. Food, drinking, general merriment shall no doubt ensue and then be followed by a barbeque tomorrow. All good, but I am looking forward to a weekend with no parties where I don't have to be quite this ridiculously vigilant on food. I have worked out today already, so I should be okay there in terms of exercise. 40 minutes of running, 20 minutes of walking, weights and ab workout, I was a very good girl. Although, now I really want a nap but I don't have time for one today. I did buy some new pants for tonight from Bannanna Republic, I am still pretty much solidly a size 14 and the size 12 beckons in the distance (I think it is about 10 lbs away) but I am trying to remember to be grateful for the fact that I can buy clothing in regular stores at all as opposed to specialty fat people stores. Anyway, I should go and get organized for tonight since I am leaving relatively early and also eat lunch.

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