Thursday, July 22, 2004

The incredible shrinking woman

Today I am officially down to 179.8, hopefully in the next week I can get myself firmly entrenched into the 170's (at which point I will become whiny and demand to be in the 160's because that is how my mind works). My body is doing the famous lose a lot of weight now that it has got over its desire to hang out at 182 lbs. I would be more annoyed about plateaus if my father didn't have precisely the same problem, which only proves that we are genetically related. Not frankly that the fact we are related would surprise anyone, let me put it this way no one is ever going to question my paternity because my father and I sound exactly alike which tends to disturb or alternatively annoy people. Anyway, I went and bought workout clothes today (my bro and sister-in law gave me a huge gift certificate for my birthday) so now my workout shorts will not fall off my body which they were in danger of doing previously. All of my new workout clothes are pretty much pastel blue which means I will look like a deranged easter egg on the loose when I am working out from now on. I did 31 sets of stadium stairs today, and have eaten well and had a ton of water since I got home. Although I am really late on my afternoon snack which is probably bad so I am off to eat that now.

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