Tuesday, July 06, 2004

And then I said blah

So, somedays I feel inspired to write here and somedays like today I just feel like saying I feel blah. It is really the same with working out, some times I am inspired and more days are like today where I didn't feel motivated about it at all. I did it, but no motivation at all. On days like today I just do things out of sheer force of habit rather than any greater desire or motivation. I post here every day, so this would be me posting today because this is what I do rather than because I have anything today. I suppose in away this is similar to the weight loss thing, if you can turn working out and eating well into a habit you just do it because it is how your life works and it doesn't occur to you not to do it. So, this morning I rolled out of bed in my workout clothes and hauled my unmotivated self on to the treadmill and ran (albeit very slowly) for 40 minutes and then walked for another 50 minutes. Then I had my regular breakfast of hardboiled eggs and a piece of fruit because it is what I have for breakfast and did laundry and studied. I have no clean workout clothes whatesoever so laundry was a necessity. Then, I had my regular lunch and studied some more. Now I just had my cup of coffee for the day and am posting in my blog because this is when I usually post. After this, I will check on my laundry have my afternoon snack and study, then dinner and more studying and tomorrow I will do it all over again. Hey, at least I am doing it and not slipping up. So, the interesting thing is that besides my general feeling of blah I am still totally on track, maybe this whole healthy lifestyle thing has finally become second nature after all. Suddenly, I feel a little less blah (not much though so don't get all excited) .

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