Thursday, July 08, 2004

Now I am officially old

So, today is my 27th birthday. I am officially old. I take comfort in the fact that in four days my brother will be 30 and therefore really old. Yeah, I am sure he is happy that I have pointed that out to everyone. Anyway, we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant for dinner (I think they have maybe five things on the menu that I can eat but I do love them so) and my entire family had the same lamb dish for dinner. It was rather disturbing, I may just be turning into my parents in my old age (don't tell anyone). In other news, I did actually workout a lot today, I ran for 30 minutes this morning, walked for 20 minutes, and did 24 sets of stadium stairs in the afternoon. Also, I am going to do my core fitness exercises before I go to bed tonight, but not right this second because I am wearing heels and doing pushups in heels and a skirt would be a really bad idea. I mean, we all know about my lack of coordination already, I might actually kill myself if I tried this as a plan. So, I got in enough cardio to make up for my dinner but the stairs really killed me because it was really hot and there was almost no shade. The shadow from one leaf does not make shade (okay, I might be exaggerating but it was really hot) and that slowed me down and made me whiny. Still, workout accomplished and lots of water drunk so I am on target for the day despite dinner out and wine with dinner. Now, I am going to go lounge about for a couple of hours before I go to bed because it is my birthday and therefore I can lounge if I want to lounge. I may possibly have used lounge too many times in that sentence so I will stop now before I feel the need to start throwing similes or metaphors around about my life.

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