Sunday, July 11, 2004

Temple Food

So, this is a concept that I remember seeing Nigela Lawson who is one of those famous chef types talk about at one point. Basically the idea was that after a day of excess one should go back to clean good foods and recharge for a few days. Okay, at least that was what I thought she meant, but it may have been more complex than that idea. After a party weekend it is definately where I am today, back to eating my regular plan of food which helps my body recover and rebalance for a few days. It isn't like I ate terribly this weekend, I had two drinks total, one on friday and one on saturday, and I didn't overeat at any meal. However, I missed lunch on saturday and I barely ate it on friday and I did not get enough sleep either day. So, my body feels worn out and tired and in need of basic unfettered sustenance. Therefore, temple food which I am accustomed to eating and isn't difficult to prepare. I think that sometimes it helps to think about the food I eat on a regular basis as this type of food, and remind myself of the problems that I personally encounter with really processed food like sugar. Not that I ate a lot of processed sugar this weekend but it was around enough that the desire for such food almost mentally infected me and now I need a couple of days to refocus on why I don't eat that food anymore. So much of losing weight is mental and temptations (even when you don't give into them) can be really powerful and difficult to combat. So, today I am reminding myself of why I like salads especially with roasted bell peppers and sweet corn and of how satisfying a handful of blueberries can be as part of breakfast. I do feel better already which may be an example of how powerful my temple food is as part of my program.

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