Tuesday, August 17, 2004

33.4 lbs

I've been messing around with BMI calculations again just for fun. I discovered a rather amazing fact, in 33.4 lbs I will weigh a normal weight for my height. That would be 136 lbs which isn't my final goal, my final goal at this point is 122-120 lbs which are numbers I like, but still I am surprised at how close that seems to be in reality. I know logically that I am more than halfway done with losing weight now that I have moved into the 160's but this is a reminder of how acheivable those goals really are in my life. I think it has not occurred to me because I am still waiting for a closer milestone, 163.7 lbs. Why 163.7 lbs? That number is when I cross over from obese into simply overweight, I haven't just been overweight in years and so I have been pretty fixated on that number recently. I try to divide this whole process up into acheivable goals, usually 10 lb increments, because 120 lbs is such an overwhelming number to try and go after all at once. I can focus on 10 lbs at a time quite well and just work on reaching the next mile marker. However, some times it does lead to tunnel vision and I don't see the whole picture like the fact that having lost 72 lbs means I have only 48 left to lose. Stopping to see the big picture for a few minutes is always nice and then I get back to the task at hand which is slowly inching the scale down another 10 lbs and out of the obese category. Someday though I'll pass 163.7 and then I'll really think about the next major mile marker of 136 and a normal weight, that will be a wonderful day but then there have been a lot of really good days in the last few months.

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