Sunday, August 15, 2004

Messing with my own mind

So, I am really tired today, not enough sleep last night plus an early start this morning has just made me feel worn out. I keep telling my brain that after tomorrow it can take a whole day off from working out, and frankly the old grey matter is pretty excited about this concept. I have also told myself I will take tomorrow easy, and frankly this is a lie and I know it. In reality, I will push hard tomorrow because it is the last day before my day off and I like to get in a good hard cardio workout. So, in effect, I am messing with my own mind about what I am doing, which is frankly rather twisted on some level. Tonight, I am going to bed early because I checked the olympics coverage and there is nothing on I really care about so I am going to get some much need rest instead. This is especially important because I have run a lot this week, I think it works out to around 20 miles total (counting tomorrow) for the whole week which is a lot for me. My body is definately tired and soon will be in need of a recovery day, how some people can work out seven days a week is totally beyond me. Anyway, time to go clean up after the cats and do a couple of other chores and then shortly thereafter head to bed.

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