Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Afternoon Snacks

I have begun noticing recently that people are always surprised when I tell them that I eat a mid-afternoon snack every day (usually some string cheese and a piece of fruit). It is almost as if they expect snacks to be forbidden, that in the diet world there should be three meals a day and no more. So, I've tried explaining the concept of more smaller meals as opposed to three huge meals, or the idea that not having a snack will inexorably cause the eating of everything in sight. Still, it does not really seem to penetrate as an idea. I think it is all linked to the misconception that losing weight has to be achieved through some sort of deprevation, almost a form of personal punishment for having been overweight in the first place. I will admit to eating less than I used to eat when I was really heavy, but I am not punishing myself. I feel fuller from cleaner foods like large salads and healthy portions of meats and vegetables than I ever did from processed food like chips and candy. I don't crash and lose energy the way I did when I ate a lot of sugar and I don't really miss bread at all. I don't go to bed hungry or craving food like I used to and I have always liked the taste of water (strange I know). So, when people ask about my diet or how I can eat snacks I am always hesitant in my response, I'm not on a diet and I eat what I want in moderate portions. In the end, there are just some things that I don't want anymore, I prefer frozen bananas to ice cream and I would rather have a good piece of salmon than a fried piece of chicken. There isn't any food which is forbidden to me and maybe in the end that is the secret to the success I have had so far, oh and don't worry I did have an afternoon snack today.

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