Monday, August 23, 2004

Return of the plateau

Today was my last day of working out before my day off and as always happens I am reentering a plateau period. I was actually sort of expecting it so it is not really a surprise although it does not help my motivation to work out. However, I did run for 50 minutes, walk for 60, and do weights and abs which was the plan for today. I am also back to being organized on food after a couple days of missing meals so I had a huge salad for lunch and I will have an afternoon snack shortly. Both of these things make me feel much more balanced and I think will help the plateau in the long term. I am tired, but I am always tired on the last day of my workout week so it is also expected. I did fine at the party yesterday and did not eat anything bad which was good. No margaritas or guacamole for me which means I am still totally on plan. I do find it odd that now I look at trigger foods like cookies or chips and think about how I would really like to eat them and then I go and have a glass of water. It is a strange switch from wanting one and therefore eating one to wanting one and acknowledging that and then moving on without consuming the treat. It has gotten a lot easier over time and I wonder sometimes if this is how thin people think and thus are able to stay thin, I do not know because I have never really been a thin person but I assume that I will find out eventually when I reach my goal weight. Still, in the end I know that how I approach food will never be the same as a naturally thin person and I am learning to be okay with that reality.

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