Saturday, August 28, 2004

Wouldn't it be nice

I was thinking today about how lovely it would be if I could get someone else to work out for me. Now, this isn't a new thought and I may have even blogged about it in the past but frankly it is hot and I have no interesting in revisiting my archives at this precise moment in time. Anyway, back to my thought, I don't really hate working out and sometimes I enjoy (momentarily) the mind clearing properties of running. However, every now and then I would like to pass off my exercise obligations to someone else for a day or two. Clearly, this is a pipe dream, the kind of pipe dream which could provide a transport system for a large city's potable water needs. A reminder of course that what makes this whole process really hard is that no one else can do it for you, you can't hire the neighborhood kids to run for you or a friend to eat healthy for you, all of it has to be done by the person losing weight. This is a lot of pressure to be under and so I am now working on dividing it into logical steps (since clearly hiring someone to run for me is both useless and monetarily unfeasible) throughout each day. Little things that I can do easily without thinking about them too much, like wearing workout clothes to bed, always eating an afternoon snack, avoiding the kitchen unless it is meal time, and so far it seems to be working. Still, it would be really nice if someone else could work out for me tomorrow morning at the stadium, but they can't so I guess I'll be out there at 7:30 in the morning climbing stairs again.


Cat said...

Boy I hear that! Sometimes I dream that I already worked out and then wake up and realize I hadn't. If only our dream selves could work out for us. I can run for miles in dreams! ;)

Catesa said...

oh, what we MUST endure to be physically fabulous ;)