Monday, August 09, 2004

Even my cats have issues

My cats are having separation anxiety, or something similar. I don't live in the same house that they do, so I am in and out during the day to check on them and change water, food, and kitty litter. Ever since my parents left, over a week ago now, they have been hurling themselves at me and demanding to be loved. Cats everywhere are embarassed by this behavior which is in no way related to the famed feline ability to be aloof. Right now, the older cat is trying to sit on my hands while I type this entry, it is making it rather difficult. Anyway, I didn't make it to the market today because I was hungry and I absolutely refuse to go to the store when I am hungry because then I will buy bad things. Okay, I wasn't hungry all day, but there was a whole section of the day where I wasn't motivated to go to the store, I was hungry during the brief moment I had actual motivation to shop. However, believe it or not I was okay on food, I had forgotten I had veggie burgers in the freezer so I had one for lunch and I finished off my chicken breast in my salad for dinner. Now, the reason I had forgotten about the veggie burgers is because my parents keep frozen bread in the freezer so I avoid it at all cost and never open the door except under duress. Clearly, the lack of food in the house qualified as one of those occasions. Tomorrow, I am actually going to have to go shopping because now I have some eggs, three lite yogurts, and a couple of veggie burgers in the house. Also, I have run out of lettuce and my favorite salad dressing which is a really bad thing in my life. So, hopefully by tomorrow morning I will have a desparate need for healthy food which will function as motivation, we shall see what happens. Also, I am still not eating enough calories and I am really working on that, it is a new and unique problem. I used to eat tons of food when I was the only person around and now I am eating too little, I suppose that this is proof that I still have problems with food but I haven't really been hungry recently which is probably related to the nice cold that I am developing despite the fact that it is the middle of summer. Anyway, off to feed the cats which will no doubt result in them hurling themselves at me in a shameless ploy to stop me from leaving the house, unfortunately it won't work but you probably shouldn't tell them that, my felines can develop enough abandoment complexs on their own.

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