Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Have I mentioned I hate running

My sheer generalized hate of running however does not prevent me from getting on the treadmill everyday. Today, it was back on the treadmill for 50 minutes of running and 60 minutes of walking. I also lifted weights this morning so I think it works out to a little over two hours and 20 minutes of working out. I am still in the 160's so apparently it is not a fluke after all. My bro came down from the city for lunch with the parental units but we ate at home so I am still totally on plan. We have another family thing this week for birthdays but that should be fine food wise as well (well unless we make margaritas to go with the meal). Anyway, nothing else to really report or whine about right now, everything seems to be moving along nicely today. I admit that this is true because it is the first day of working out after a rest day, the rest of the week won't be nearly this much fun and at some point I guarantee that there will be whining, hey at least that is consistent.

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