Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Measurement pants

Today I went and bought new jeans because my size 16 jeans are literally falling off my rear. Not an attractive picture to be presenting in public. By the way, I may fall in love with the Gap because they have jeans which are the right length for me, a minor miracle when you are my height. Anway, because jeans are strange I bought both a slightly loose size 14 to wear right now and a size 12 that fits but is slightly tight. Not so tight as to be unwearable but just tight enough that I want to wait a few pounds until I am wearing them full time. I am considering them measurement pants for now because I need another pair of clothing that I could measure my size in rather than relying solely on the scale. All of this means that I can now retire three more pairs of pant and get the last size 16's out of my closet for good which makes me happy. I also finally went to the store so now I have salad dressing, meat, and bananas which should get me through most of the week, I will probably shop one more time before my parents get home next monday. I am really low maintainance on food most of the time, I can eat the same thing over and over again so it doesn't bother me if there isn't tons of food in the house. However, my goal is to cook all the meat I got today so it is done and I can just pick and choose what I am eating for the next few days when I am tired and don't want to cook. Today I don't have to work out so I have extra free time to accomplish chores that I haven't been dealing with such as food shopping and buying jeans that fit.

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