Friday, August 13, 2004

Now entering the 70lbs lost zone

This morning I hit 172 lbs right on the nose. I have now officially lost 70 of the 120 or so lbs that I am trying to lose. My next goal marker is at 170 lbs and then hopefully into the 160's where as we all know by now I will whine about not being in the 150's but hey a girl has to have habits. Now, if I could just learn to live with the fact that I have a plateau period every month and then a week like this week where I lose ridiculous amounts of weight all at once, maybe I would be less whiny. Anyway, I am pleased also because this is where I wanted to be when my parents got back from their vacation and they are getting back on Monday. I have of course worked out today, 50 minutes of running at 4.8 mph, 60 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of weights (legs and shoulders) and 10 minutes of abs. Then I drank a lot of water, although actually I also drank a lot of water while I was working out. Now it is on to doing laundry because I am out of clean workout clothes which is never a good thing. I may also be forced to do a little 70lbs lost dance at some point today but I haven't worked out any good steps yet, I am thinking however it will involve some kind of butt wiggling move because that is a prerequisite to all good victory dances. So, I am off and I may report in later today on how the whole dancing thing worked out and whether or not I managed to actually scare my cats by performing it.

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